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Monday, August 31, 2009


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Account Deleted

"I guess if your world trip is a sort of a ...USA..Hawaii...New Zealand...Australia...Cook Islands...Skiing in Switzerland... sort of trip you’ll end up not having this experience."

*Actually* I think if you refer back to my blog:

...I did document a certain degree of alimentary grief at one point. Chinese food can do this, even if was from a shopping mall in, um, Sydney.

*And* I go other places in my year off, well off the normal backpacking trail. Coventry, for example.

Tim Morgan

Just seeing if my regular readership is awake ... and glad to see it ;) ...

Funnily enough despite 2 months in China, we had no problems with Chinese food ... but then we have yet to get to Australia and back onto the beaten track aka "Banana Pancake Trail".

Tim Morgan

PS... I just got told to go read something along the lines of "How not to alienate your subscribers"

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