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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


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Just excellent. Keep going.

Are you staying in Bangkok? (suggest not). You could go to the fish restaurant that Paul M said he's had his best ever meal in.

Myanmar - suspect you already know about this;

Big news here.

Alexandra Weber

Awesome, Tim! I love reading your blogs, keep us informed about your travels and say hello to Sarah. I'll head to India on 22 August, can't wait to see the Himalayas and "Little Tibet", especially after having read your reports.

Account Deleted

Bangkok? Here's what I had to say about it:

"There isn't a huge amount to do here after a few days unless you like markets, unusual sexual practices or dodging traffic. Even the Lonely Planet, in its standard format 'Bangkok in 1/3 days/1 week section lists stuff to do for three days and the bit in the 'one week' paragraph can basically be boiled down to 'Er, shopping?' I had to do with learning a bit of Thai, including the phrase ' ja-rang-kiat mai thaa ja hai nom luukthii nii? ('do you mind if I breastfeed here?')".

You could go to the fish restaurant where Paul M had his best ever meal - at the Baan Pla Sod restaurant, 100 yards or so from Kho San Road as the fish fries - 114 Phra Ahtit Road
Then again, don't you like die or something when you eat fish? Perhaps not.

Things to do: Go to Chinatown - manic, exhausting. Buy an 'ipod'. Leave.

Tim Morgan

Went to Chinatown. Tried to buy an iPod for Sarah, but failed.

Other than that ... The Kho San Road ... great if your an hormone fueled teenager I guess ... or want to show off your beer belly accompanied with your 18 year Thai Bride...

As for Fish restaurant...pass, but did find some pretty good street food near the Koh Send Road. Favorite dine out so-far...has to be a steak at the Everest Steak House, Kathmandu...strange for a Hindu nation !

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