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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


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Account Deleted

Right - Angkor Wat. Get up early. Tell your tuk tuk driver to head straight for Ta Phrom. This way you may avoid the coach loads of Japanese tourists. Ta Phrom doesn't have the scale of the big temples but is astonishing. It's where tomb raider was filmed, and where the trees have snaked their roots round the temples. One of the most astonishing places I've been.

My Angkor Wat gallery is here:

Photos 1-22 are Ta Phrom.

I was at Baca Villas which was fine - despite the a message in my room which read "poisons, weapons and explosives should not be kept in rooms. Please leave with reception"

Siem Reap is a tourist dump by the way. Just go early to the temples.

Tim Morgan

Right. Got here and its raining. Lots.

To the point that I had to wade knee deep to the Tuc Tuc.

Should I get to Ankor Wat this afternoon is a debatable point, but in any case, its mute as I don't rate my chances of staying dry.

Right, off to Ta Phrom. Thanks for the tips. Oh and yes, Siem Riep is a dump.

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