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Friday, November 06, 2009


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Tim! Sounds really cool, and you're not *that* good at poker. If you are going to Cook Islands Raratonga I'd recommend this place to stay:

Wasn't my first choice but turned out it was really friendly. There's not that many backpackery places on the island so book ahead.

Feeling nostalgic: "There are fifteen islands, covering two million square miles. The population is just 18,000, half on the main island of Raratonga. In my free visitor guide under 'emergency services' it gives you the actual names of people to ring. Bless."

I made it on tourist trip to Aitutaki (stunning) but I seem to remember that if you make it to other islands you end up places where they rarely see anyone from the outside world.

Not a huge amount to do apart from chilling out. Diving is apparently excellent.

Tim Morgan

Poker becomes very easy with Filopeno beginners. Going all in, nobody ever expected a bluff. Afterall we all put in 200 Peso's into the pot. Thats £3.

Only 9000 people on the main island !!!! ? The cook islands are smaller than small island Philippines. Full Chillout planned as a rehabilitation back to life. Have made my booking for backpackers International :)

Account Deleted

Marvellous. I'd originally booked here:

Which is nice & has a pool but didn't find it that friendly. Backpackers International is not posh but very helpful and people muck in. None of the hostels are that close to the airport, but Backpackers international pick you up from the airport. You can hire a bicycle (I cycled round the coast in 2 hours) but if I was there again would go for a moped (you need to do a quick test). Apart from walking up the hill in the middle, diving and lounging around on the beach there is really little to do, which freaked me out after New Zealand. You can probably tell this from the blog, but I'd love to go back now and just chill out. I worked out the chilling out thing too late later in Thailand. Take books - shopping opportunities are not extensive. And the place does look like a bounty bar advert. Although this was few years back, and in could look like Honolulu by now. Enjoy it. go to the hostel, chat with people and enjoy yourself.

Of course, in directing you there I could be exacting revenge for this:

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