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Monday, December 07, 2009


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Maria Karen Santos

Hi Tim!

Gee, thanks for the recognition. But more thanks to you because we would have never crossed the cave without your determination.

I admire your being a keen observant because you tend not to miss a lot of things from your surroundings.

I myself is amazed upon reaching Sagada because of the serenity of the place (not to mention the friendly locals). I like its being a bit behind time (all the rush and hassle the cities would bombard you...Gruesome!). It's the best getaway for those who want to be really really close with nature. This I must say, I consider my Sagada trip as a mystical experience (Seriously!). I enjoyed the place so much although I wasn't able to see the Big Falls and the "Marlboro Country"...Sheeeeessshhh!

Learning the background/history of the place and discovering the locals' strong culture/tradition left me dumbfounded on how they managed to safeguard it up to this time. It is astonishing!

Well, let's just hope they could preserve it.

Anyway, I deeply treasure our genuine friendship, Tim! It's really nice to have met you (in the wilderness. Hehehe). Cheesy!

Seriously, rest assured you'd still have me as your friend 'til you're old and brittle. hehe (as if I won't grow old)...Just kidding, chum! (I just wanna make you smile)

Hope to see you again, my dear friend! Take Care!

Maraming maraming salamat, kaibigan!

Maria Karen Santos

By the way, what's up with your blog's title? hehehe. You're singing it, ei? :-)

Account Deleted

Tim - I found exactly the same thing with Hong Kong. Was expecting chaos and actually found it strangely relaxing. May have has something to do with arriving from Bangkok though. Presumably Brian & Lily have taken you out for Dim Sum? If you're still there I found the town planning exhibition they had fascinating. I'll get my anorak....

Tim Morgan

Thanks for you comments all.

Jay & Karen, Great to read and see your comment on the blog.

Karen, re Blog Title: Yes, after 2 months in the Philippines, Lady Gaga has got the better of my head.

Paul, Just left Hong Kong and am in Auckland.. Hong Kong was magnificent...really liked it... more in next blog (am a little behind)

Maria Karen Santos

You're very much welcome!

Hahaha. Po-po-po-poker face, po-po-poker face! It's good that you haven't got a hang of the song "nobody, nobody but you (clap-clap)". LOL! Cause it's all over the place.

Anyway, I'll keep myself connected with you. It's fun to have an adventurous friend like you.

Take Care!

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