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Saturday, December 19, 2009


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Maria Karen Santos

Para sa akin?!? Gee, thanks so much, Tim! LOL!

It's amazing that you know about the trivias of the places you're visiting. I'm impressed!

I guess NZ is really known for their herd of "baka at tupa." You have a point, they even welcome immigrants just because they are under populated.

You can also find Kiwi in the Philippines. Have you seen one? You can only see Kiwi in grocery stores nationwide -- Kiwi shoe shine in black, neutral & brown color (hehehe..CORNY!). Keep smiling!

***Just got home from Palo, Leyte. I'm in Naga City, Camarines Sur, now. I'll be spending my holiday with my family here until January 2.


Tim Morgan

Thanks Karen ... You can also find Kiwi fruit in the Philippines. I challenge you to get a photo of one...good luck...

Maria Karen Santos

LOL! What a challenge! Ok I'll accept the challenge. :-) I often see it included in desserts (e.g. yogurt & cake).

Maria Karen Santos

Mission accomplished! (check your email) ;-)

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